Registration Form for UK Residents (Over 16)

How to register with us

There are 4 steps involved before you can book an appointment. Please read them all below.

Once you have completed all the forms and brought in all the necessary ID, we will check to see that everything is in order. If so your details will be uploaded to our clinical system, which normally takes upto 48hrs, and after this you are able to book appointments.

If you have a very urgent & pressing issue, please let a member of the reception team know, and we will try to make appropriate arrangements or advise you on how to proceed.

STEP 1: Eligibility check

  1. Live within the practice boundary (please click here to view practice boundary in a new window)
  2. Provide photographic proof of your identity (passport, full driving licence)
  3. Provide proof of your address (utility bill, bank statement, full driving licence)
  4. Find out and provide your NHS number (found on your NHS card or by contacting your previous GP)
  5. Are you from abroad? You are eligible for free NHS treatment if you are going to be living in the UK for at least six consecutive months, and have a valid visa with at least six months remaining . If you do not meet the criteria for free NHS care you can still register with us and be seen as a private patient.

STEP 2: Fill out the forms

Forms for adults (16 yrs inclusive, and over):

For each family member over 6 yrs old you will need to fully complete the form below:

  1. Registration form for UK RESIDENTS (over 16)
  2. Registration form for OVERSEAS PATIENTS (please check FIRST whether you are eligible for NHS services)

Forms for children (under 16 yrs):
For each child you will need to fully complete:

  1. Registration Form Children (under 16 yrs)

Please note : – we may need extra information for children such as vaccinations
– you need to have an NHS number for us to register you

These forms are available from the reception desk, by clicking on the links above or you can view all the forms on this page.

STEP 3: Show us your ID

Once you have filled out your form we need to see the following evidence:

  1. Proof of your identity (e.g. passport or driver’s licence)
  2. Proof of your current address (eg: recent bank statement, utility bill or rent contract)
  3. Your NHS number if possible (available from your old GP or your NHS medical card)

STEP 4 : Registration and updating our systems

Once you have completed all the forms and brought in all the necessary ID, we will check to see that everything is in order. If so your details will be uploaded to our clinical system, which normally takes upto 48hrs, and after this you are able to book appointments. If you have a very urgent & pressing issue, please let a member of the reception team know, and we will try to make appropriate arrangements or advice on how to proceed.

If you have any further questions please speak to a member of the reception team.

Antenatal & Pregnancy Care

Our doctors provide a full range of maternity services including pre-conception counselling, antenatal care and follow-up after delivery.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We have a self-service Blood Pressure machine in the Floor 1 Reception area, in the side room called ‘Pod Room’. You can access this during our opening hours and use it to check your own blood pressure and record the result in your records. 
If your GP, Physician Associate or Nurse feels your average blood pressure readings are high we can also offer you a 24 Hour Blood Pressure recoding machine at the practice which gives a more accurate readings over a 24hr period.

Blood Tests

We offer pre-bookable morning blood test clinic appointments daily (Mon-Fri) from 8 AM at the practice. Please book these via reception or online. You must ensure you have a blood test request form from the clinician at the practice who has asked you to have the blood test.

Cervical smears

Our nursing team carry out cervical smear tests on-site. A routine smear test is recommended every 3 years for all women aged 25-65 yrs who are, or have been, sexually active. Please ask for a specific smear appointment with one of our nurses when calling or book on-line.

If you have had a recent smear test abroad please bring in a copy of the result so we can update your records and establish a recall programme in the UK.

Child development & baby checks

The Health Visitors based in the Community generally carry out full child development services from birth until school age.

At Putneymead when your baby is 8 weeks old a GP will need to carry out the 8 week development check. We do this check at 8 weeks (instead of 6 weeks in some other areas) to tie in with your baby’s first set of immunisations and your own postnatal check to save you having to come back several times at a time when you may be particularly tired or busy.

You will be contacted by a member of our admin team by the time your baby is 6 weeks old to book this 8 week check appointment.

If you wish to book this yourself please ask specifically for an ‘8 week mother, baby & vaccination check’ appointment so we know to book all 3 appointments on the same visit.

Childhood immunisations

Our practice nurses give all routine childhood immunisations. Please book an appointment with the nurses when these are due for your baby. The immunisation schedule should be in your baby’s red book but please ask one of the nurses if you are not sure. You can book a telephone appointment with nurses for such queries.

We also offer the Cervical HPV vaccine privately- please ask one of the team for further information.

Contraception & Family Planning

At Putneymead we offer a full range of family planning and contraception advice and services including emergency contraception. We provide the long-acting injectable contraception as well as the subdermal implanon and intra-uterine devices such as the Mirena on-site.

Counselling & Psychological Services

If you are struggling with your mood or with stress and wish to speak to someone about it you can book one of our ‘Direct Access Counselling triage’ appointments with one of our experienced counsellors. You can speak to the counsellor for this assessment either face-to-face or by telephone. During this appointment the counsellor will offer you advice on how to access further support to help with your mood or psychological wellbeing. 
You do not need to speak to a GP first. You can book your appointment with the counsellor directly via exception or online. Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

We have our own team of counsellors based at the practice and can also refer you for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help with anxiety or depression in-house or locally. If you feel you may benefit from any of these services please book to speak to a counsellor directly for an assessment appointment.

At Putneymead we also have a dedicated drug & alcohol counsellor. You can book an appointment to see the drug an alcohol counsellor via reception.

ECG & Heart Tracing

If your GP or Physician Associate feels you can need an ECG (heart rhythm tracing) you can book this via the reception desk. Alternatively your GP may give you a request form to have an ECG done at Queen Mary’s Hospital.

Joint Injections

One of our GPs is trained to inject certain joints to help relieve chronic pain and inflammation. If you have pains in your joints please speak to a GP, Physician Associate or one of our on-site Physiotherapists.


At Putneymead you can now refer yourself directly for NHS physiotherapy without needing to see a GP

Simply complete a self-referral physiotherapy form at reception and you will be sent an NHS Physiotherapy appointment.

You can choose to be seen on-site at the Practice or at the local physiotherapy department at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton. NHS Physiotherapy is also available from a number of other sites throughout Wandsworth and if you wish to know more please ask your GP.


Whilst we don’t offer NHS Osteopathy on-site, you are eligible for reduced cost Osteopathy in the building. Please speak to a GP or Physician Associate if you would like further information.

Screening & Health Promotion

As well as cervical cancer screening we offer cardiovascular screening tests to all our patients over 45 years to help prevent heart attacks or strokes. You will receive a letter in the post offering you blood tests and a follow-up appointment to review the results but please speak to one of the doctors about this service if you would like to have health screening.

Our nurses also offer advice on a wide variety of health topics such as drugs, alcohol, diet, cholesterol, exercise, smoking and weight loss.

Smoking Cessation

If you’re considering stopping smoking, we can help. Studies show that your chances of success are higher if you do it with information & support from health care professionals.
The services we offer from the Practice can:
-> Boost your willpower to stop smoking
-> Concentrate your efforts by getting advice from someone who knows your medical background
-> Help you feel that you’re not doing it alone
-> Help you to cope when you are tempted to smoke
-> Monitor improvements to your health so that you can see the benefits
-> Prescribe appropriate medications to help with your craving

You can book a smoking cessation appointment with one of our trained smoking counsellors directly through reception.
If you need help to stop smoking don’t go it alone, call the us.

Travel vaccines

We offer a full range of travel vaccines at the Practice.

Most Travel Vaccinations are not covered on the NHS and you will have to pay a fee for the vaccination. Our nurses will however administer these in their standard clinics. Please see our private fees page for pricing and book an appointment with a nurse making i clear that it is a travel Vaccination. Our GPs do not routinely administer travel Vaccines therefore please book with one of our nurses for this

Weight Loss

Our nurses and health care assistants can support you and give you information if you trying to lose weight. We can also patients with certain medical conditions to a local gym for specific classes to help weight loss. Please speak to our Health Care Assistants or nurses for further details and support.

Non-English Speakers

These fact sheets have been written to explain the role of UK health services, the National Health Service (NHS), to newly-arrived individuals seeking asylum. It covers issues such as the role of GPs, their function as gatekeepers to the health services, how to register and how to access emergency services.

Special care has been taken to ensure that information is given in clear language, and the content and style has been tested with user groups.

Open the leaflets in one of the following languages

Registration Forms

Please make sure you have read all of the above 'Registration' information first before completing the forms.

Reg Form New

Forms are available at reception or you can print them off below and bring them in with your ID to apply for registration.


  1. We need your NHS number
  2. We need both the Registration form AND the Health Questionnaires
  3. Once you have applied for registration it will take 24hrs-48hrs before you can book an appointment.

Registration Form for UK Residents (Over 16) New
Registration form for OVERSEAS PATIENTS
Registration form for under-16s

Non-NHS Fee List / Private Fee List

Change of Contact Details

It is essential that we are notified of changes to your address, telephone or mobile number.

There are two ways of notifying us:

Use Patient Access to tell us about your new contact information.
Registration is required for the this service.

See our Registration notes for details.

At Reception:
The receptionist will provide you with a form to complete.

If you move out of our Area

If you move out of our practice catchment area you should not assume the Practice can continue to look after you.

You will need to find a doctor in your new area.

There are instructions when you move to a new area on the back of your NHS medical card.