Doctorlink - Online Symptom Checker

Our online assessment system, DoctorLink, is now available for patients to register.
The symptom checker will ask you a number of questions to help to identify your problem.
The outcome of your assessment will direct you to the right treatment, whether emergency care, your GP, nurse or self care.
If your outcome indicates that an appointment is required, you can request an appointment through the website.

Once the request has been submitted, you will then be contacted by the practice team, to arrange an appointment within the identified timeframe (as outlined in the outcome of your symptom checker).
Doctorlink can also provide treatment advice for self-care or signpost you to other local services such as pharmacies and walk-in clinics.

The information you provide will be shared with our clinical team (where appropriate) and will assist in providing robust information of your problem to the required clinical team member prior to your appointment.

Register for Doctorlink by clicking here.

Are you over 50? Are you experiencing a change in bowel habit for 3 weeks or more? Did you know that catching bowel cancer early cures 90% of cases?

About one in 20 people in the UK will develop bowel cancer during their lifetime with the risk increaing with age. If bowel cancer is detected at the earliest stage, there is over a 90% chance of survival and it is one of the most susccessful cacers to treat.

Symptoms of bowel cancer still include:
– a change in your normal bowel habit lasting 3 weeks or more e.g. loose stools, diarrhoea, increased frequency
– bleeding from the bottom (rectum) and/or blood in your stools lasting 3 weeks or more
– unexplained extreme tiredness and weight loss
– a pain or lump in your abdomen and/or back passage
Most of the symptoms won’t be bowel cancer, but sometimes it is easy to dismiss or leave them for longer than your should.

If you have any symptoms and if you are over 50, call us and ask for a bowel check at the surgery.

For further information, please visit or

Bowel Cancer Awareness

Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub

The Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub is a free, friendly and impartial service. They are there to help you find local organisations, services and information to meet your wellbeing needs.
You can also view information about a range of free self-management courses for people living with any long-term condition or their carers.

To use the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub, please visit their website at: , give them a call on 020 8812 6700 or book an appointment at the surgery on a Wednesday morning.

Stay well this winter

People are being urged to keep an extra special eye on themselves and the people they care for over the winter period so minor illnesses don’t become more serious.

People who are older or have long term conditions may be particularly vulnerable to winter bugs which could become serious and require hospital treatment. Getting help earlier may prevent this from happening.
To make sure winter bugs don’t become more serious:
·   Have your flu jab
·  If you start to feel ill, get help from your pharmacy straight away.
· Keep your home warm, at least 18 degrees
· Make sure you take any medicines as directed
· Get any repeat prescriptions filled in advance as many surgeries and pharmacies close over Christmas
· Keep a supply of cold and flu remedies in the house so you don’t need to go out if the weather is bad
· If you are prescribed antibiotics finish the course
· Don’t go to A&E or call 999 unless it’s an emergency. If you are in any doubt, NHS 111 can help you get the right treatment

Further Information
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